Graded English Dictations



TOEIC Elementary / TOEFL Low 

Cambridge KET  / ALTE 1


TOEIC Elementary+

Cambridge PET / TOEFL 400 / ALTE 2


TOEIC limited working / Cambridge FCE

TOEFL 500 / ALTE 3

4. Alice in Wonderland
11. Mrs. Frankweiler (E.L. Konigsburg)
12. The Right Stuff (Tom Wolfe)
13. The Picture of Dorian Gray (Oscar Wilde)
14. Eye of the Tiger (Wilbur Smith)

Upper Intermediate

TOEIC Working Proficiency + / Cambridge CAE
Toefl 550 / ALTE 4 


TOEIC International Professional Proficiency Cambridge C1 Advanced

TOEFL C2, IELTS Expert User, ALTE 5


This is your lab! Its mission is to provide you with classic dictation practice material, mainly to improve your listening comprehension and grammar.  You will also see gains in spelling and vocabulary. 


1. Under "DICTATIONS" tab, click "DICTATION HOW-TO"

2. Follow the directions there to find your appropriate practice level. It is very important that you do the Level 

   Test. Dictation is a very effective exercise with instant and pinpoint feedback. However, practice must be appropriate for maximum       

    benefit. Please find your level.


If you are preparing for the TOEIC test, you are in luck because myenglishlab provides TOEIC Dictations! Although you should practice with this material, if you find that it is too difficult, please practice in the appropriate DICTATIONS section after doing a level test


Few language exercises provide feedback as instantly or identify specific language challenges as precisely as classic dictation. This in turn leads to highly focused study. 

Please ensure that your students are practicing at the right level. Successful experiences in the early going are key to success,  and unsuccessful ones lead to discouragement and quitting. I encourage you to read the brief articles under "TEACHERS' TUMBLR" for insight as to why classic dictation is so effective - especially for listening comprehension - and to familiarize yourself with the guidelines in "DICTATION HOW-TO."