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19. Enterprise Software - 113 words

Software / Logistics

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NOTE: This dictation is 113 words. Allow a little more time. As always, it is recommended that new vocabulary be written before you listen and write. 

Push play and listen. Do not write.The whole passage is read at normal speed for you to listen for meaning. 


    year-over-year - a basis of comparison between similar spans of time

    logistical - of a coordination in the movement of people and things

    workload - an amount of work

    Customer Service Department - people in a company that deal with the public

        after sales are made

    tracking - following the progress of a shipment

    freight forwarding - shipping

    projected - forecast

    scalable - able to grow 

    web-based - internet centered

    multi-carrier - involving more than one shipping company

    anticipated - foresaw

    platform - a software system serving as the basis for many functions



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