24. New Sales Engineer - normal speed - listen only (do not write)

listen only (do not write)

24. New Sales Engineer - 103 words

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As always, it is recommended that new vocabulary be written before you listen and write. 

Push play and listen. Do not write.The whole passage is read at normal speed for you to listen for meaning. 

Mr. Henderson
Titan Optics
Fred Dunlop
Bart Sampson
IT – information technology department in a company


optics – things used for communicating with light (lasers, lenses, fiber, etc.)
Sales Engineer – a salesperson with a technical background
role – job
critical – of great importance
pledge – promise
fulfill – do everything in a job description
representative – various but limited in number
brochure – sales literature on a product showing specifications and applications
accompanying – belonging and appearing alongside
market summary – a report to show how a business is working and how it may work in the future
sales strategies – plans to increase sales
application areas – product uses
hit the ground running – begin at full speed


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